About Girlfriend Guru


Give-your-head-a-shake advice for smart women who have temporarily misplaced their power. GG is an expert best friend. She’s also an expert on exes.


Girlfriend Guru has been guiding love’s warriors, rebels, and refugees through the minefield of relationships for the past 20 years. Her superpowers are her intuition, her enthusiasm, and her capacity to magically make people feel better when they are around her. An inexplicable ability to transform the negative into the positive and to make the fragmented whole, are the gifts she shares. Through the stories she tells, and the pictures she paints, she empowers others by bringing them back into alignment with their truest selves and their dearest dreams.


Girlfriend Guru believes in the power of falling in love with yourself before falling in love with a partner who inspires you, in the passion of love at first sight and the magic of friendships that slowly transform into unconditional love. She believes in embracing change, in taking chances, in going big or going home and in creating a home for yourself that recharges and wraps your wildness in safety. For the Girlfriend Guru the sexiest words in the English language are truth, trust, and integrity and she swears there’s nothing hotter than the nakedness of reality.


An internationally renowned contemporary artist and screenwriter, Girlfriend Guru lives with her life partner who she just can’t stop kissing and their loveable pets, in the middle of a forest, on the edge of a river, surrounded by a menagerie of wildlife including fairies and other magical creatures. When she’s not writing, painting, walking in nature, gardening, stargazing, moondancing, daydreaming, meditating, yogaing, travelling, laughing and loving, she’s welcoming home her four fabulous children who live and study all over the world.





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